One of the most talked about women in the Bible is the woman with the alabaster box. The story is recorded in all four gospels. In three of these, she was nameless, and in Luke’s version, she was a sinful woman, probably well known in the community, for being of questionable character.

She decided that she wanted to honor Jesus publicly and chose to do so during a feast organized in His honor. Knowing very well what they thought of her and being very aware of her surroundings, she still decided to go to where she was not welcome. She wouldn’t let that stop her from worshiping her Lord.

Unabashed (unashamed, unembarrased), she broke a bottle of expensive perfume on Jesus. The observers, including Jesus’ disciples and His host, heckled her, berated her, and complained about her action. It was so bad that Jesus had to intervene “…“Let her alone; why are you bothering her and causing trouble? …” Mark 14:6

It’s the woman’s attitude that has my attention today. The fact that she didn’t care about what those present thought of her, is worthy of emulation in our worship. She had every reason to take a different course.

Yet she boldly went to where she wasn’t welcome, walked in head high, ignored the sudden silence that fell on the crowd upon her entrance; then disregarded the subsequent disparaging chatter and purposefully accomplished her task.

May we worship our Lord with the same spirit of unabashed boldness. May we not water down our worship or stop worshiping to please others or to them comfortable. Let’s do it loudly and openly.


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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