The Cross

Last Sunday, my Pastor preached about the way of the Cross. I’ve been musing on it since then and want to share my thoughts with you.

A cross is made up of two planks of wood hewn from a tree. The tree itself is a living thing but once it’s cut, it’s pretty much dead. So the cross by itself is two pieces of dead and useless wood.

In addition, to the Jews, the cross signified disgrace, suffering, punishment and looked upon with disdain. Thieves and murderers were associated with the cross. There was nothing attractive about it!

Yet, that changed when Jesus, the son of God was hang on it. It gained relevance, value and elevation! To us Christians, the Cross is a revered symbol. We look at the Cross differently. We can’t see the Cross and not think about the boundless, unconditional, undeserving, relentless love of God!

So, are you born again? Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? Then you are more valuable and more relevant than you imagine! I don’t care what anyone has made you believe about yourself or what bad things you have done or think of yourself. Like those worthless pieces of wood, Jesus in you makes a whole lot of difference.

Just another reason to stride in confidence today, head high and chest out!
Say this:
I am valuable.
I am relevant.
I am worthy.
I am special

Love, Pas. Mo ❤️

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