About Faith Fellowship
About Faith Fellowship
Pastor and Wife Faith Fellowship


Spiritual Excellence and Making Disciples of the Nations.

We officially launched in 2011. Over a short period, we have become a melting pot of about eleven different nationalities. Our weekly services are always exciting, filled with great worship, excellent word delivery, and prophetic ministrations with tangible manifestations of the power of God. At Faith Fellowship, our aim is to create an atmosphere where the wine of the Holy Spirit constantly flows and our celebration in His presence endures.​

We are a Christ-centered community of believers. Our church culture is built on sound values, namely,  excellence, faith, holiness, people, prayer, and sacrifice.


  • ​People
  • Sacrifice
  • Love
  • Holiness
  • Faith
  • Excellence
  • Prayer


  • That the Bible (in its totality), is the true and uncompromised Word of God, fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and authored by men anointed for the purpose
  • In the triune nature of God and the deity of parts of the Godhead - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • In eternal life, that it is solely obtainable through Jesus Christ. John 14 v6
  • In the instructions of the word – that the Just SHALL live by faith
  • In the teachings of Christ Jesus and are fully committed to obeying and following them
  • In the ministry of the Holy Spirit- the gifting and ministries that He stipulates and inspires
  • In prayer-Holy Ghost inspired intercessory, prophetic, and apostolic prayer
  • That we exist at the pleasure of God, and to fulfill His divine plans and purpose
  • In the institution of marriage as ordained biblically
  • That God is the source and all else simply remains a resource
  • In the five (5) fold ministry- teaching, pastoral, evangelistic, prophetic & apostolic.
  • In spiritual giftings and their manifestations
  • In speaking in tongues
  • In the FEAR i.e. awe-inspired reverence of the Lord
  • In the supernatural and the ultimate supremacy of Yahweh
  • In the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, immortality and deity of Jesus Christ