Rolled Away

On resurrection morning, the two Marys and Salome made their way to the tomb where Jesus had been buried. They had with them spices to anoint Jesus’ body.

As they drew closer, they realized there was one big problem! When Jesus was placed in the tomb days earlier, they rolled a big stone to cover the entrance. They said to one another, “…, “Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?” Mark 16:3

Perhaps regretting not waking a few of the male disciples up to accompany them, they trudged on with no answer to their predicament.

To their surprise, when they arrived, “the stone ,which was very large, had already been rolled aside.” Won’t He do it! God had taken care of the problem for them even before they arrived.

As you venture into today, may God go ahead of you and remove any and every obstacle to your progress. May He deal with that difficult boss before you face him; may He go into that board room and set the atmosphere to favor you; may He change the medical report before you meet with your doctor! He will remove every large stone ahead of you and create a smooth pathway for you! It is done in Jesus’ name!


Lady Monica ❤️

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