First Things

An incredible story is told in Mark 2 of how four friends concerned about their paralyzed friend’s predicament, took him to Jesus. They were desperate for their friend to be healed and when they got to Jesus’ location the house was so packed there was no way to get in.

Well, they dug a hole through the roof and let their friend down right where Jesus was standing. Jesus took one look at the man, knew what he wanted but did not heal him immediately. “… He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.” Mark 2:5.

No one expected that to be the first thing Jesus would say. They probably expected him to do the usual-touch him, speak over him or take him by the hand so he could stand up, his body restored.

Jesus however knew He had to deal with some things in the paralytic’s life first. If He didn’t deal with that, the effect of the healing wouldn’t be the same. Jesus isn’t just concerned about providing your needs, whatever they are. He’s more concerned about your soul, your spirit and your relationship with Him and others.

Sometimes He may delay giving you what you need or want because He needs to deal with some things in your life first. He may need to fix some attitudes, proclivities, your heart and your relationship with Him, first. He may need to teach you or correct some things first and when that is taken care of, all the other things will be added unto you! First things first!


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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