Roll away

We all love a story with a happy ending, I know I do. I’m musing on the death and resurrection of Lazarus today!

Quick summary for those not familiar with the story: Lazarus, one of Jesus’ friends, fell sick. His sisters sent word to Jesus to come. He took His sweet time to get there and arrived four days after Lazarus had been buried.

After consoling the sisters and crying some, Jesus proceeded to the graveside, to raise Lazarus from death. A stone was covering the mouth of the cave he was buried in. “Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”…” John 11:39.

This statement got me thinking. Jesus was there full of the power to raise the dead man. He was willing to change the ominous story, turn the situation around; bring restoration, newness, renewal! But first, they had to roll away the stone. They had to do their part. Jesus could have probably commanded the stone to move but He did not!

In our Christian walk, you and I also have to do our part! Yes, Jesus freely saved us, we didn’t have to work for it but once we are saved, we have works to do. We have fruit to bear; we have to work on our characters & attitudes; we have to work on our relationships! And the good news is we have help in the person of the Holy Ghost!

Are there any stones you need to roll away so you can fully enjoy the abundant life Jesus promised? Muse on this!


Love, Lady Monica

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