I am not perfect, but as a parent, I expect my kids to imitate the good things that I do and say.

To imitate means to replicate another’s behavior or to follow another as a model. Sometimes, when my kids act in a contrary manner, I ask them, “Have you ever seen me or your dad do or say so and so?”. This is because I want to see me (the good me, of course) in my kids.

In today’s scripture, we are told to “Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.” Ephesians 5:1

God wants to see Himself in us just as we want to see ourselves in our children. That could sound like a tall order because, unlike us, God is perfect. The good news is that God will never ask us to be or do anything He knows we are incapable of accomplishing.

He knows we can because He has provided help in the person of the Holy Ghost! If we will be imitators of God, we must first yield to the Holy Ghost; and as we allow ourselves to be led by Him, we can live and act like sons and daughters of God!

God wants us to emulate His character. He is kind, loving, gentle, forgiving, giving, caring, patient, fearless, and the list is endless.

As you go about your day, interact with others, make decisions, etc, commit to be an imitator of God. Let others see God in you, for that’s the true mark of sonship!



Lady Monica ❤️

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