Concealed Lamps

My Pastor said something a few days ago I’m still brooding on. He said it looks likes adherents of almost every religion except Christianity are very bold in the expression of their faith in their daily lives. You will see it in how they dress, speak or carry themselves.

Christians on the other hand tend to hide their identity or almost cower at the thought of being seen as Christians at work, school, among our friends and even on Social Media. We are usually concerned about coming across as fanatics. It’s almost as if once we step out of our Churches, we become other people.

Jesus referred to us as the light of the world adding that noone “light(s) a lamp and puts in under a basket..” Matthew 5:14 -15. As absurd as it sounds, that is what some of us do. We are light, we are supposed to shine and draw attention to Christ, yet we refuse to be who we are. We’d rather blend into the very world we are to bring light to. We refuse to be true to our identity in Christ. It’s paradoxical to be a Christian and refuse or fail to stand out.

We are comfortable walking about with our lamps covered, shy or ashamed to let people see who we really are-light! Yet, we’re the only faith with a living Savior; one who died and actually resurrected. Come on!

If indeed we believe we have something good, let’s start living like it! We owe it to God, ourselves and the world to arise & shine! Shine on, my friends!



Lady Monica ❤️

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