There’s a song we love to sing that goes like this “You are bigger than what people say, Jehovah, bigger than what people say…” I love this song because in a way it invites us to find God and to know Him for ourselves.

It’s as if the singer made a personal discovery and is beckoning her listeners to do same. The only way to discover that God is bigger than what others say is to get to know Him for yourself.

I grew up in a Christian home, have spent all my life in church but thesed do not guarantee an intimate knowledge of God. My knowledge of God cannot be limited to what my parents or Sunday School teachers taught me. There are deeper depths and higher heights to God that can only be experienced on a personal level.

The God we serve is bigger than what your Pastor, your mom or your dad or your Sunday School teacher says! You can only see a dimension of God through another person’s eyes. Yes, their experiences can pique your interest in God and help you delight in Him but until you delve into God with your all you’ll never know how big our God is!!

You won’t know He’s bigger than what people say by just going to church ritualistically, reading your bible robotically or praying by rote. Go deeper, then you can also testify “you’re bigger than what people say”.


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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