7 Times

Sometimes we may face some situations that may make us question God’s presence or His truth. The three Hebrews boys we all love so much are our muses today.

In case you don’t who they are, here’s their story in a few lines. They were taken from their home country to Babylon as slaves. They distinguished themselves so much they became officials in the land. One day King Nebuchadnezzar ordered everyone to bow to an idol of his making and these boys flatly refused as they only bowed the Almighty God! For their punishment, they would be thrown into a furnace.

The enraged king “…gave a command that the furnace was to be heated seven times hotter than usual.” Daniel 3:19

The boys must have heard the order being given but that didn’t break their resolve. They stood fast and stuck to their guns! They dug in their heels and held on to their faith as they were hurled into the insanely hot fiery furnace!

They knew that seven times hotter didn’t change the truth of God’s presence, His love, His protection. Your greatest trials don’t change the truth of who God is “even if” He doesn’t show up like you expect.

Our challenges and difficulties do not define God. He’s still good and sovereign. May He grace us with the unshakable faith these three Hall of Faithers had. Seven times hotter doesn’t change God. May it not change us too!


Love, Lady Mo ❤

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