In 1 Kings 3, we’re introduced to the young King Solomon in glowing terms! “And Solomon loved the Lord, walking in the statutes of his father David,…” I Kings 3:3

By chapter 11, the story had changed! “But King Solomon loved many foreign women,…”

Let’s put these together, Solomon loved God BUT also loved foreign wives. He kept marrying from nations God had specifically forbidden the Israelites from marrying from! “Solomon clung to these [women] in love” v. 2.

Eventually, just as God had warned, his many foreign wives turned his heart away from God to other gods! Solomon had mixed motives and a divided heart. Loved God but…!

We are no different from Solomon though. The conflict between our profession of faith, love , loyalty to God and our words and deeds is real. We love God yet we cling to forbidden things, relationships, attitudes, choices, etc. We try to “marry” things that are not compatible with our love for God.

God says of Himself that He’s a jealous God! Why? Because once He clings to us, He goes all out! There’s no halfway, hot/cold with God and He expects same from us! He’s fiercely faithful and loyal to those He loves and expects reciprocity!

May this not be our story; that we love God but we also love the world; that we love light but we also love darkness. In any case, what fellowship does light have with darkness, right? Muse on this.


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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