Just Another Day

He thought it was just another day. Another day of laying down in the same spot, wishing, hoping, waiting and pondering. Another day of imagining the life he always wanted but which seemed out of reach. He thought it was just like all the other days when hope gave way to despair then sadness then hopelessness and hope again. It had been thirty eight years of the same hassle so why would today be any different?

So when a man he hadn’t seen before walked up to him and asked “… “Do you want to get well?”” (John 5:6b), he wasn’t sure what the man’s angle was. It was a strange question indeed but it was one that tested his faith, his hope and his patience.

When the man told him “… “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” (John 5:8) it sounded like a dream. Yet when he obeyed and followed the directions the man gave, he felt his back and legs suddenly feel stronger. Just like that thirty eight years of pain, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, resignation melted away. Suddenly, he realized it wasn’t just another day. It was the day the Lord turned his captivity around.

I prophesy to you dear reader, that the Lord is about to visit you when you least expect it. He will blow your mind in ways you never imagined. The Lord is about to single you out for a peculiar blessing. Wake up each day with expectation. Tell yourself that today is the day the Lord will answer that prayer, open that door, grant you that success, bring exposure to your business, etc. Tell yourself today is the day the Lord will reverse the diagnosis and stun the doctors! Like the man at the Pool of Bethesda, you’ll walk again; you will smile again; you will rejoice again!


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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