You Know God?

There was a show on TV (and I do not know if it still is) called “So you think you can dance?”. Participants got to show off their dance skills and some who believed they were prolific dancers got a rude awakening when they did not make the cut!

Well, I have a similar question for you too: so you think you know God?

Have you ever been so sure that God would move in a certain way and He moved in a totally different way or did not move at all?

When we have been in Christ for a while, experience and the word of God teach us certain things about God. The more we walk with Him the more we become confident in our knowledge of Him.

Moses knew God. He did some out-of-this-world deeds through Moses. From the burning bush to causing Moses’ rod to turn into a snake; through the mind-boggling plagues to the parting of the red sea, manna from above and water from a rock, Moses had seen it all.

Yet in Exodus 33:18, he said to God, “… “Now show me your glory.”” There is so much more to God than what we think we know from His word and through experience. When you think He will speak through fire, He speaks through the shattering of the rocks; when you think He will speak through the wind, He speaks through a still small voice!

Yes, He can come through the same way He did last time but He can switch it up too. He can do it one way for your neighbor and do it another way for you. That is the mystery of who God is! He moves in mysterious ways and He can do exceedingly, abundantly above what you imagine!

Do not box Him up and do not limit Him by your finite mind. Be open minded where God is concerned and watch Him work in your life!

Love, Lady Monica❤

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