What She Could

The story of the Woman with the Alabaster box is a favorite one, recorded at least three times in the Gospels.

Jesus was invited to dinner and while He was reclining at the table, a woman believed to be Lazarus’ sister Mary, came in with an alabaster flask of pure nard and poured it over Jesus’ head. The guests including Jesus’ disciples chided the woman for wasting such expensive perfume. They figured it could have been put to better use, like selling it and using the proceeds to help the poor!

Jesus would not have any of that and told those murmuring to leave her alone for she had done a beautiful thing. The significance of what she had done was totally lost on the others. After Jesus explained why what she did was necessary, He added in Mark 14:8 “She did what she could…”.

In other words, she had done her best to honor Jesus. She had given her all, made a huge sacrifice because she knew the importance of her actions. Though what she did seemed ridiculous and foolish to the on-lookers it pleased the Lord to no end. This story challenges us in so many ways and should get us thinking about our own attitude to Christ and our worship of Him.

Do you think you have done what you can? Do you give your all when it comes to serving God or have you given your all? Maybe you just do enough to score “Christian points”. Our service, our worship, our giving must be sacrificial and pleasing to God. Do you hold back because of what others will say? Do you just do the minimum so you will not look weird in the eyes of your friends? Are you offering your body as a “living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God”? She did what she could and touched Jesus’ heart. What about you?


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