Words don’t die

“Words are life”; “words are powerful”; “words are important”. We hear these all the time and they are all true.
God Himself framed the worlds by words. By the word of His mouth, He called forth things that did not exist into existence. As God’s image bearers we can also create or frame the world we want by our words. The importance of positive confession cannot be overemphasized.
If words are life, then we must be careful how we use words. Words can make or unmake a person. Some of you, dear readers have struggled greatly because of words spoken to or over you by parents, bosses, siblings, friends, spouses and others you cherish or who were supposed to cherish you. Some of you will also testify that because of positive and kind words spoken to and over you, you have scaled great heights.
Words hang around for a long time and for that reason we must be careful how we use them. Words can be costly. Frame the kind of child you want with your words. Whatever you keep telling a person over and over, is what he or she will become. Create the kind of relationships you want to enjoy through the way you speak. When words take root in a person’s mind or life it is extremely hard to uproot them.
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue:…” Proverbs 18:21. Let us choose to speak life not only to ourselves and to others but also to every dead situation in our lives. Blessings. Love, Lady Monica.❤

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