Go buy your own oil

Last Friday during our half night service, the ten virgins came up, well, not literally. My husband (my pastor) made a statement that has been ringing in my ears all week. Referring to “the five foolish virgins”, who failed to take oil for their lamps, he said (I’m paraphrasing): spiritual gifts can be imparted but personal spiritual development cannot be imparted. In other words, if you want to grow in your walk with Christ, you must put in the effort.
Just a little summary of the parable in case you are not familiar with it. Ten virgins received an invitation to a wedding (Matthew 25). They went with their lamps but five did not take any oil with them. The bridegroom delayed and arrived at midnight. The women took their lamps to go meet him, and the five with oil were all set. The five without asked their sisters for some oil. The sisters replied that they did not have enough to share and suggested the others go out and buy oil. They did and when they came back the banquet hall door was shut.🤷
In the same manner, no one can share his or her personal spiritual growth with you. If you desire to get to know Christ more, be more like Him and have a fulfilling and meaningful Christian walk, you must be prepared to do the work. If you are too busy to study the word, spend time in prayer, fellowship with the saints or to just sit at the master’s feet, then all you will have is stunted spiritual growth.
The downside to failing to seek God for yourself is that you become a gullible Christian, susceptible to all manner or scams and deceptions. No one can lay hands on a new born baby and turn him into a full blown adult. He must go through the stages of growth: eat the right food, drink enough liquids, transition from milk to meat to bones, etc. No amount of offerings, seed-sowing, anointing services or laying on of hands will impart spiritual growth on you and I; neither can I share mine with you nor you share yours with the next person.
So today, I encourage you to go and buy your own oil. Take time to work on growing in Christ. Just do it now while there is still time. Blessings.
Love, Lady Monica.❤

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