After His resurrection, Jesus met two men travelling from Jerusalem to Emmaus. He fell in step beside them and joined their sad discussion about His death and resurrection. The conversation went on for a while with Jesus explaining through the scriptures why the Messiah has to be crucified. The men did not recognize Him. Eventually they arrived at Emmaus and they convinced Jesus to stay the night as it was late. Jesus obliged and as they sat down to dinner, He took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them. “Suddenly, their eyes were opened and they recognized him”. Luke 24:31.

The Lord rarely shows Himself when we expect Him to. Sometimes we miss Him because we look for the spectacular. Other times we miss His move because we set the stage for Him and then expect Him to show up since the time is just right.

God is always around us. We can see Him in the mundane things as well as in the extraordinary; in a smile, a kind word, a hug. We do not see Him always because like the men on the road to Emmaus, we are blinded by sadness, the cares of this world, problem we cannot seem to shake off, pain, worry among an endless list of issues.

We must wake up each day and set off with anticipation of what the Lord will do in this day. I pray you receive some unexpected good news today. I pray the the Lord surprises you and blow your mind today. May He open our eyes so we see Him at work in us, around us and for us. Get ready to be surprised in a good way!!


Lady Monica.❤

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