Busy, busy, busy! I have noticed that quite a number of my WhatsApp contacts have their status as “Busy” and it has been like that for years. Whenever I see it, I chuckle. We love that word and it has even become a response to greeting.

Q:”Hey, how are you?”
A: “Busy”.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does. I saw this on WhatsApp a couple of days ago, ” if time is money, then how much is 2:00 because I’m broke” 😂🤣

The one we are required to imitate, Jesus, was all about people. Beside the miracles of healing, supernatural provision, raising the dead etc, He took time to hang out with people, sometimes just to sit and have dinner. He went to Simon the leper’s house for dinner. (Matthew 26:6). He would stop at Mary and Martha’s home anytime He was in Bethany. (Luke 10:38).

Once He invited Himself to dinner at Zacchaeus’ house and that visit changed the life of the greedy, lying, cheating tax collector for good. ( Luke 19:1-10) At another time Jesus went out of His way and went against grain just so He could spend a few minutes with the Samaritan woman. The brief time spent with the savior turned that woman into an instant evangelist. Not only was her life changed but her whole city was won for Christ. (John 4).

Let us make time for people, for our loved ones, for our children. I know we are busy because the bills must be paid, the reports must be submitted, deadlines met etc. Yes, we should get all done but still make time for people-those who matter and those who would not ordinarily matter. A few minutes spent with someone can change their lives, even if for a moment.

Last night at the prodding of a “little sister”, I decided to ditch reviewing some reports and spend time with Faithie (child #3) reading her favorite books over and over, making videos and just hanging out before her bedtime. She was super excited and though today I have to do double time to get through those reports before my meeting on Saturday, it was time well spent.

Make that phone call today, set up the lunch date, plan that get-together. People matter.


Lady Monica.❤

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