The Night Before

It was the night before He was crucified. He was in the Garden with His trusted companions, mentees, friends and students.
One had defected to the other side but the eleven remained. He summoned the three in His inner circle and went a little farther from the others to pray.

The enormity of what was going to happen the next day weighed heavily on Jesus. He moved still a little farther from the three “fell with his face on the ground and prayed, My father if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will but as you will” Matthew 26:39. Three times He prayed the same prayer. He was in anguish and His sweat was like blood. He was going to drink the cup anyway so “An angel from heaven appeared and strengthened him”. Luke 22;43.

Shortly thereafter, Judas and his torch bearing lynch mob showed up to take Jesus away. At that point we see a totally different Jesus emerge! (Matthew 26:47-56). No longer an anguished, sorrowful, scared, groveling Jesus; we see him calmly and confidently address Judas and the mob, berating His disciples for drawing swords, reattaching a cut ear and practically instructing the armed crowd to chill. He told Judas ” Do what you came for, friend” Matthew 26:50. He was so ready for them.

The difference between the two Jesuses in this chapter is prayer. Through the prayer, He received strength to face the most excruciatingly and unimaginably painful period in His life. Prayer strengthens, recharges, reshapes, realignes, emboldens, readies and gets you through all kinds of situations. We can never underestimate the power of prayer. Build your personal prayer relationship with God. Jesus did not rely on the disciples prayers, they slept anyway overwhelmed by sorrow and exhaustion. Jesus prayed always because He knew the benefits of prayer. Let us also pray…always.


Love, Lady Mo ❤

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