Lavish Love

What is the most lavish thing you’ve done for a loved one? For Mary, it was anointing Jesus with “an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil” Matthew 26:7. The value of what she gave reflected the value she placed on Jesus. Jesus meant more to her than the bystanders would ever know.
Love expresses itself in many ways and one of the most expressive ways is giving. Easter is just around the corner and it’s a reminder to us of how God went all out to show love to us. Nothing can beat giving your only son to die for sinful undeserving people! We can never top that but we can still lavishly love on God!
Be a Mary. Give to God and others without always calculating the cost, without always thinking of what you will get back, without thinking of what you could have used it for instead.
And if you won’t lavishly love, don’t be like the folks who stood around murmuring that Mary was wasting resources (V. 8-9). This reminds me of a something that happened in a certain church that will remain nameless. A few years ago church member (X) went to complain to another member’s husband (Y) that his (Y) wife gave too much at church and so he should talk to her to slow down. Don’t be that person. Let’s all learn to respond to God’s love by loving Him in return, lavishly!
Love, Lady Monica ❤

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