Correcting others is easy. Pointing out the faults of others is easy too. Today I want each of us to shine the spotlight on ourselves. I believe that correcting others is a Christian duty. The bible encourages us to correct one another in love; it is all part of good neighborliness and being your brother’s keeper.

However before we jump in to correct and rebuke others we must do a self check. Jesus gave us certain guidelines for correcting others’ faults. “Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.” Matthew 7:5.

I see three things here:

1. Do an honest examination of yourself, deal with your own faults or sins. That way when you correct a sister or a brother, you will not look like a hypocrite.

2. After you have dealt with yourself you will see clearly and then be able to correct the other person in the right way.

3. When you are aware of your own shortcomings and wrongs, you will make allowances for others, extend some grace and correct them in love. This also prevents you from taking a self righteous approach to rebuking others.

So yes, we can freely point out the imperfections of others but we must look into ourselves first. We tend to downplay our faults and sins while we magnify the sins of others. If we do an honest audit of ourselves we are more likely to be gracious in our approach to others. The verse is not telling us to be perfect before correcting others, (since that kind of perfection is not attainable in this life), neither is it telling us not to correct others. By all means correct someone but make sure you are also dealing with your issues.

Your insatiable appetite for gossip is as bad as your sister’s sexual sin. Do not sweep yours under the carpet as you power up the vacuum cleaner to apply to her sin. Pause, check yourself, take steps to get it right, then graciously correct your brother.

Lady Monica. ❤

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