Our Leaders

How many of us can honestly say we pray for our leaders consistently? I must confess I am guilty of not praying for them often. We are all quick to criticize them especially if they do not belong to the party we like. Perhaps it is easier to pray for those we voted for since we would want them to succeed at all cost.

Well, as Christians we are commanded to to pray for our leaders-all who are in authority. 1 Timothy 2:1-3 tell us what, how and why we must pray for them.

1. Pray for God to help them

2. Intercede on their behalf

3. Give thanks for them

I know it can be hard to do these for a leader you consider bad, evil or one you think is making bad policies and leading your country wrong. Others may also find him or her to be the best leader ever. Whatever our political affiliation, as Christians we have a duty to pray for them all.

Beyond it being our duty to pray for them, verses 2 and 3 give us other reasons why.

1. So that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity

2. It pleases God

3. So that our leaders will come to know Jesus

The key to living peaceful and quiet lives or creating the kind of society we want to live in and the kind of leaders we want is prayer. We can spend all our days complaining, bashing our leaders, ejecting them on election day in favor of another and still not get what we want if we neglect to pray for them.

I found out that Paul wrote this letter to Timothy during the reign of Emperor Nero, one of the meanest kings of the Roman Empire. Make it a part of your daily prayer to pray for your leaders-political and religious too.

After all, the bible says the king’s heart is the Lord’s hands like a river and He turns it where He will. Imagine if our leaders know Christ and are determined to govern the nations in accordance with the will of God. Let us create the countries we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in through prayer.


Love, Lady Monica❤

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