Cravings, everyone has them but no one has them worse than a pregnant woman. During my first pregnancy, I craved Jell-O all the time (don’t ask me why), especially the green one. It was not something I used to eat before then. Second pregnancy rolled around and it was Tru-Moo chocolate milk; I drank it in gallons. Number three came and it was cranberry muffins!

The things we crave are not usually good for us. I am yet to hear anyone say “I crave a bowl of green salad with balsamic vinaigrette” or “a green juice made with kale, green cabbage, cucumber and a green apple”!! The stuff we crave is usually sweet and decadent or salty and fatty; the stuff that stay “a minute on your lips and a lifetime on your hips”.

As Christians, we are encouraged to have cravings too. Cravings that will enrich us and help us grow in our walk with Christ. Apostle Peter said it this way, “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,” 1 Peter 2:2 .

Now if you had the privilege of encountering a hungry baby, you know what the good Apostle is talking about. When a hungry baby lets out that long, deep, haunting cry, nothing will satisfy or quiet him except his mother’s milk or formula if you choose. You can sing the world’s most popular lullabies with the voice of an angel, walk about to sooth that baby, cradle him, put him over your shoulder; none of these will work!

Craving means feeling a powerful desire for something. How much do you desire the word of God? Is it something you look forward to tackle when you wake up? Do you get so engrossed in the word that you lose track of time or have to be literally pulled away from it? Do you keep it close? Do you meditate on it day and night? Are you hungry for the word? Do you have a powerful desire to nourish your soul with the word? If not, then how else will you grow?

The milk a newborn feeds on is packed with all the essential nutrients he needs to grow. In order to reach his growth benchmarks a newborn must be fed every two to three hours or he will fall off the growth chart. If you are not growing as you should then it is time to examine your craving for spiritual milk.

I pray that God will grant you an insatiable appetite for His word today and always! We have got to grow!!


Lady Monica ❤

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