Just Believe

It was just a normal day in Jesus’ life: He was going around teaching and ministering to multitudes of people. Suddenly a ruler of the Synagogue broke through the throng of people to reach where Jesus was. He fell at His feet and begged him to come to his house and heal his sick daughter. He was a desperate parent and his name was Jairus.

Jesus, obviously challenged by the man’s faith obliged and set off towards Jairus’ house. Jairus must have breathed a sigh of relief. A woman suffering from abnormal bleeding chose this particular day and time to seek her healing from Jesus. She also pushed her way through the crowd, touched Jesus’ garment she she was healed.

Jesus then decided to pause and find who touched His garment. “Unbelievable”, Jairus must have thought. Meanwhile the sick girl was waiting and her condition was deteriorating. This move of course delayed Jesus’ trip to the house and in the process the girl died. When this was reported to Jairus, Jesus overheard it and said “… “Do not be afraid; just believe.”” Mark 5:36.

Just believe. That is all God is requiring of you and I. Just believe that He is not late. Just believe that He has heard your prayer. Just believe that He is working on your behalf. Just believe that He will keep His promises to you. Just believe that He will turn things around for your good. Just believe!

Of course Jesus raised the child from the dead and restored her to her family amidst unbelief and scornful laughter from many onlookers. Thank God the onlookers and the mockers do not have the final say. Whatever you are waiting on God for, just believe!


Love, Lady Monica❤

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