Fact: God speaks to us everyday.

Fact: We do not always hear Him.

It is important for our relationship with God that we hear His voice. He speaks to us in our toughest times, in happy times, any time of the day. I bet every Christian has earnestly prayed to God to speak to him/her and many have been disappointed because they felt God did not speak when they really needed to hear Him. Truth is He does speak. So the problem then is not the speaker but the hearer.

So why do we not hear God when He speaks? Could be a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Surrounding sounds – There are so many voices around that drown out the voice of God. God does not always speak with a booming voice and so we fail to decipher His still small voice from the cacophony of sounds around us.
  2. Busy-ness – We get so busy, we never take time to listen to His voice. In order to hear we must listen and in order to listen we must sometimes be still or quiet.
  3. We fail to tune in – If you want to listen to your favorite radio station you must tune in to the right frequency. The radio station may still be playing music but unless you tune in, you will not be able to hear it.
  4. Spend time in His word – God primarily speaks to us through the bible. The more time you spend reading His word, the more likely you are to hear God speaking to you.
  5. Do not expect the spectacular – Do not spend all your time waiting to hear from God through the wind and the fire. Many of us have missed His voice because we expected Him to speak in a fantastic manner. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush but to Elijah with a still small voice.
  6. Talk less, listen more – Communication (prayer) is a two-way street but we usually treat it as a one-way street. We have been taught to pray in a structured manner so we follow the blueprint strictly-worship, confession, thanksgiving, supplication-and leave no room for hearing from God

If you want to hear from God, adjust the frequency of your hearing; be still and most importantly study His word. Determine to make some adjustments so you can hear Him clearly. Blessings.

Love, Lady Monica.

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