Passed Over

“We decided to go with another candidate”, “the company decided to go in a different direction, thank you for your time” These lines more than likely sound familiar to all or most of you dear readers.

I recall while in college my room mates and I were asked by a friend to audition for spots in a juice commercial. It would be a fast paced ad so our faces would flash on the screen for a few precious seconds. As part of the audition we sent a group photo of all four of us. Well, the three were chosen and I was not. Somehow I did not make the cut. Oh.
It stung for a moment, a brief moment but it still stung. Why? I asked but I never got a straight answer. To get over my disappointment I had to convince myself that it was just an ad for juice, it was not that important.

Some of you have been passed over, rejected, refused for a position you interviewed for and felt so sure was the right fit for you. You know you aced the interview; you know you presented yourself well and all the signs pointed to acceptance and appointment yet you got rejected. Maybe it has happened more than once.

After Judas left the fold of the disciples for obvious reasons, another person had to be appointed to take his place. “So they nominated two men: Joseph called Barsabbas (also known as Justus) and Matthias.” Acts 1:23 They prayed over them and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit chose Mathias over Joseph. We do not know much about what happened to Joseph but it must have been hard for him. Whatever plans God had for him, it did not include his being part of the twelve.

Whenever you are passed over or skipped over, you can choose to sulk, be angry at the whole world or trust that God has better or even bigger plans for you. After all, He orders the steps of the righteous. We learn from David that a great attitude goes a long way while dealing with rejection. God sees you, He knows what you need and where you must be. Wait on Him, trust in Him, do not get weary and keep trying! Stay positive.


Love, Lady Monica❤

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