Faith in the Seed

God begins everything with a seed. God is so concerned about seed that one of the first things he gave Adam was seed bearing plants. God gave Adam the ability to replicate and make more of what He had given him. Seed speaks to everything concerning the kingdom. (Luke 8 – parable of the sower) Seed reflects what the kingdom is about.

Joshua is a derivative of the name Jesus – salvation. In Joshua 6 – Joshua is left without the leader he followed. Joshua served Moses faithfully. Your service will bring you to a place of great blessing. When it comes to appointing a leader, God does not qualify a person by their title; he looks for service. It is our effectiveness that matters, not our titles.

God called Joshua to lead His people. God has a habit of telling you what He’s going to do but does not tell you the pain of the process. Upon embarking on the instructions God gave, Joshua encountered his first challenge – Jericho. To every believer, Jericho represents your first big test of faith. To possess Canaan (thepromise), you must deal with Jericho.

The seed of faith – every believer has this; this allows you to become born again. Measure of faith– allows your spiritual growth. Gift of faith is a manifestation of the working of the Holy Spirit; it allows a person to do uncommon things.

Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Faith is the currency of the spirit. Faith is required to succeed in life and obtain that which you seek. Like Joshua, we must walk in faith, “the just shall live by faith.”Do not allow the current conditions of the world around you to impinge on your faith.

Joshua is carrying a promise (Joshua 6:2). Every promise God has given, He will bring it to pass. All He expects of us is to have confidence in what He has said. Faith is you holding on the word even when God has seemingly gone silent.

Joshua encounters Jericho and it was a secured city. Joshua 6:1Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.” Though Jericho was secured and fortified, it didn’t negate the truth of God’s promise. Your faith must enable you to stand despite the circumstances. Living on faith demonstrates to God that you have the conviction that His promises will be fulfilled. In the seasons where it seems as though there is no one, God wants you to learn to trust him. “Cursed is the one who’s trust is in man“.

Nothing proves your faith more than your praise. (Joshua 6:3) Faith sometimes seems absurd; it defies all conventions and sense of normalcy. God’s promise to you is a present; in the physical is a problem. The problem contains the key to your next level. Your Jericho the is key to your breakthrough; you must shift perspectives to take what’s yours. Unless you see the victory in your mind and receive it in your spirit, you will never be able to attain it.

“For six days – march around the city”, man must do his part. On the seventh day when they praised, He stepped in. They give seven dimensions of praise, then the walls of Jericho collapsed. God has promised a victory; the key is the seed of faith.

Your salvation walk hinges on the concept of faith. Believe that every word God has spoken is already yours. Believe God that the promise of the miracle is already here.Faith calls into existence things that dwell in another realm and brings them to reality.

When God gives an instruction, follow it to the letter. Never go into a faith fight without the presence of God. The Israelites had the ark of the covenant which signified the presence of God with them as they captured Jericho. You are the ark; the courier of God’s presence. Therefore, you must believe that you have what it takes to face and overcome your Jericho so that you can obtain your promise!

From today, advance! Go forward, break barriers, accomplish the impossible. For God is with you. The promise is already yours.


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