Hagar The Horrible?

Today’s muse is Hagar, Sarah’s servant girl. Gen. 16:1-10.

So! Abraham and Sarah were getting discouraged because God’s promise to give them a son was delaying! Sarah then gave her servant to Abraham to marry and have children with her. Hagar got pregnant and started acting up. Sarah would not have any of that so treated Hagar harshly in return. When Hagar could not bear it any longer, she ran away.

Hagar must have been sorely disappointed, sad and even angry. She had become pregnant when Sarah could not and was probably expecting to get the royal treatment. While running away, she encountered an angel who asked her to return to Abraham’s house and submit to Sarah again.

That must have been tough for Hagar to hear. To go back to that place of discomfort and endure Sarah’s harsh treatment again? I am almost certain Hagar was expecting the angel to offer her help to get to her destination; not to turn her around towards home, the very place she did not want to go.

Usually when things do not go the way we want, the first instinct is to quit, run, move to the next thing or place. Be it a new business we started, a job, school, even marriage! Sometimes we quit because we think if it is uncomfortable or hard then God must not be it, or maybe that is not God’s purpose for us!

Let us learn to stay the course, try again, stand our ground and not quit when things get tough. Take time to ask God what He would have you do. If you are a quitter, you might never come into your purpose! The road may be rocky but God is right by your side ordering your steps. Stay in a little longer, work at it a little longer, try a bit more, God will come through for you!


Love, Lady Monica❤

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