Just go!!

The Israelites were trekking through the desert towards the Promised Land. They set up camp in the plains of Moab. Balak, king of Moab, terrified by their sheer numbers and by stories of how they had defeated other nations, summoned Balaam to come curse them. After some haggling Balaam obliged and set off on his donkey to do as the king’s bidding.
On the way, Balaam’s faithful donkey suddenly stopped and started digging its heels in. Three times Balaam beat the donkey mercilessly but the animal refused to move forward. The donkey began to speak and then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes and he saw the reason why the donkey had stopped: and Angel with a drawn sword stood in the way and if the donkey had gone forward, the angel would have killed Balaam. (Numbers 22)
Like Baalam, we set our goals, have an agenda to pursue and resent anything or anyone who stands in our way. Sometimes obstacles are placed in our way to tell us to stop taking a step because it will be harmful to us. How do you deal with obstacles that are placed in your way? Do you stop for a minute to ponder if maybe God put that obstacle in your way to stop you from making a fool of yourself or making a grave mistake? Our first reaction when we come up against obstacles and delays is to blame the devil but as we see from today’s text, that is not always the case.
Sometimes we need to stop praying for God to remove a problem or a difficulty and ask Him why the problem is there in the first place. Find out if it is one that must be removed, or one that you must navigate around or one that needs to be there for a season!
How do you know what God may be to tell you? Search the scriptures, pray and seek counsel from mature godly people.
God may place impediments in your way to help you grow or draw closer to Him. It behooves you to know the difference between these obstacles. Blessings. Love, Lady Monica.❤

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