It is that time of year when we have to attend end of year concerts at the boys’ school. The sheer joy in the kids’ faces as they belt out popular songs and Christmas carols off key makes the trip worth it. This time, I showed up early for the concert. So I took a seat in the back of the auditorium and waited for my son’s third grade class to come up stage forty minutes later. Second grade was going first. I was not here early because I wanted to snap the first seat. I was early because I did not pay attention to detail. Though the concert was starting at 9am, the third graders were going up at 9:40, I missed that part.
Last week, I needed to pick up an item from a pharmacy. I called a specific store and they had it. I put the name in my phone’s GPS, clicked the first one that popped up and drove to the wrong store. In my hurry to get there, I failed to pay attention to detail yet again.
Inattention to detail can be extremely costly. In the grand scheme of things mine did not cost any irreparable damage, but others have not been so fortunate.
Thankfully we serve a God who is very detail oriented, pays attention to the minutest details of our lives and takes care of our needs however small. Nothing happens to us that He is not aware of. He is always moving pieces around and working to benefit us. “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: …” Luke 12:7. We can feel safe in the arms of our hair-numbering God!! He actually keeps up with the number of hairs we have, now that’s a God of detail. Jesus also assured us in Matthew 6:8 that our father God knows what we need even before we asked. Indeed, He has it all figured out.
So just relax a little bit more today for God knows and cares about all details of your life and is working things out for you. Blessings.
Love, Lady Monica❤

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