Fall back

Another one from my morning drive. The driver in the lane next to me suddenly speeds up and tries to get ahead of me and come into my lane. He realizes that we are driving at the same level of speed so his move might not work. His end game as I realized later was to get into my lane so he could turn off the road. When he noticed that trying to get ahead of me might actually make him miss the turn, judging the distance, he fell back and then got into my lane behind me and successfully made his turn. Phew.
His shenanigans got me thinking about life and how sometimes you have to fall back in order to gain a certain level of success. In order for David to sit on the throne he had to leave the palace for a season. For Jesus to enjoy the glory set before Him and receive the name greater than any other name, at the mention of which every knee will bow and every tongue will confess His Lordship, He had to endure the cross, the lowest of the low.
If you are familiar with a slingshot or catapult, you know that the farther back you pull the band, the farther and deadlier your shot will be. Jesus once said to His disciples and the multitude that whoever wanted to be the greatest must first be a servant (Matthew 23:11). Sometimes you have to fall back, fall down, stand back in order to be catapulted to your next level. Sounds ironic but true.
Maybe you have had to rid yourself or your space of some people, maybe your marriage or a serious relationship just ended, a position you qualify for has just been taken away, maybe you are going through a season of pruning. God is preparing you for your next level. Get ready for bigger and greater, make preparations believing that your best is ahead of you. Blessings.
Love, Lady Monica.❤

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