The Old Testament stories read like juicy novels or drama series. One of my favorite ones is the story of Leah and Rachel.

Jacob was on the run from his murderous brother and arrived in his uncle Laban’s house. He had met Laban’s second daughter when he hit the town, and it was love at first sight. Of course, it helped that she had a lovely figure and was beautiful. Jacob agreed to work for seven years for Rachel’s hand. On the night of their wedding, Laban did a switcheroo and gave her older sister Leah to Jacob instead. When the dust settled, Jacob worked another seven years for and married Rachel.

Leah was never the love of Jacob’s life, but she was very fertile. She popped out three sons in quick succession. Leah was aware of her place in the marriage; she knew Jacob loved Rachel and not her. She hoped that Jacob would come to love her because she had done what Rachel was unable to do-give him, sons.

You can sense the pain, bitterness, and loneliness in how she named her first three. The first was Reuben, “… for she said, “It is because the Lord has seen my misery. Surely my husband will love me now.” Genesis 29:32. Nope, he did not.

Number two was Simeon, “… she said, “Because the Lord heard that I am not loved, he gave me this one too.” Genesis 29:33. Nope, it didn’t happen. Next came Levi, “… “Now, at last, my husband will become attached to me because I have borne him three sons.” Genesis 29:34. Errrm, nope.

By the fourth son, Leah began to think and see things differently. She had all along, been focusing on what she did not have. So long as she did not have Jacob’s love, she felt she did not have anything to be grateful for. She did not have her dream man, her dream marriage, her dream home so well, what was there to be thankful for? By number four, she realized holding on to all that anger, bitterness, the pain was imprisoning her and stealing her joy. She had a revelation that the only way to wipe away the pain and bitterness was to praise the Lord. So she named him Judah, “…this time I will praise the Lord…”. Gratitude can have a significant impact on your attitude and view on life.

As the year journeys to a close, do not get bogged down by what did not happen. Find a reason to be grateful; take it one day at a time. Gratitude will unlock the next level of your blessing.

Love, Lady Mo ❤

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