Talking Clay

“Yet you, Lord , are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8
Reading this I chuckled and thought to myself, what if the clay could speak?

God formed us in our mothers’ wombs but knew us before then. His formative work did not come to an end when we came out of the birth canal. He continues to form us, shaping us into the men and women He foreordained us to be before we showed up on this earth. He determined our end then went back to begin our physical lives.

He has already created the path to lead us to the end product. The journey to that end can be compared to how the potter works the clay. He knows what he is creating though the clay does not know.

The clay may think it knows where the potter is going and if it could speak, would no doubt try to guide the potter. We are like clay but unlike clay we have brains and voices. That can complicate things. We are not always comfortable with the direction the potter is going and so like to offer helpful suggestions.

Sometimes we go in a totally different direction because it seems more sensible. Sometimes we find it hard to trust a potter we cannot see. But our potter is not just an ordinary one. He is God and He knows His clay inside out. He has fashioned a good end for His clay if only the clay will trust Him.

I know the year is ending and there is the temptation to do some things and take some steps and make some decisions so you can convince yourself that God came through for you in 2019 just in the way you wanted. Resist the temptation to make some questionable choices and decisions because you feel God has been silent or slower than expected.

Sometimes He crumbles the clay and starts again. Trust that He is forming you into a beautiful piece. Allow Him to do his best work with and in you.

Love, Lady Monica❤

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