Walk Away

I am still musing on the word that was preached during our Women’s Conference last weekend. Our guest speaker crammed a number of nuggets into the Sunday sermon but one that stuck with me was “walk away”. I have been brooding over it since.

Walk away! She preached from 1 Samuel 1. Hannah was barren and her rival Peninnah was pretty fertile and pretty cocky too. “Because the Lord had closed Hannah’s womb, her rival kept provoking her in order to irritate her.”1 Samuel 1:6.

This went on year after year both at home and at Shiloh where the whole family went to offer the yearly sacrifice.
One day at Shiloh, Hannah decided she had had enough of Peninnah’s mockery, so she stood up and walked away from Peninnah, her brood, their husband and the food. She walked into the house of the Lord to pray in her pain and anguish.

The decision to walk away set in motion the change she so desperately needed. God answered her prayer, opened her womb and her first son was indeed worth more than the many Peninnah had.

This word is timely especially because we are making our way to the end of the year. I have been looking over my year, examining how it went and making some key decisions. This is a good time to figure out the things, people and situations you need to walk away from as chapter 2019 closes.

You must walk away from some crazy, senseless situations in order to make 2020 better; you must walk away from some good people who are not so good for you; you must walk away from some mindsets and mentalities that kept you stagnated in 2019. Walk away to something better, something greater, something worthy, something more.

Do not hesitate anymore; do not be afraid anymore. Just walk away…

Love, Lady Monica❤

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