Happy People

A dear friend (may God continue to keep his soul) would always respond to my greeting with “are you happy?”, accompanied by a chuckle. For a while, I looked at him weird but eventually decided to flow with him and just answer his question. I would always answer “yes, of course,” but I never really gave it much thought then. So I am posing the same question to you today, “are you happy”?

I guess I will just follow that up with another one, “what makes you happy?”. Are you happy because you have a nice family? A good job? Good health? An excellent retirement package? A good amount of money? Your children are doing well? Your business is booming? You have good publicity? You are liked by many? Etc.

In Psalm 144:15, David caught a revelation. He looked over his life and the life of the people he ruled over and was satisfied with what he saw.

He starts off in verse one, by ascribing praise and worship to God. He then talks about how God has delivered him from enemies and scattered the latter. He then asks God to make their sons and daughters flourish; prosper him and his people by increasing their grain and livestock and protect them from attacks. David just wants everyone in his kingdom to be happy and he lists the above as things that will make them happy.

Before he signs off, he takes note of the fact that though all these things make a person happy, they are all really temporal. He concludes fittingly by saying “…Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!” Psalms 144:15. Rightly so, because God is the author and preserver of true happiness. If your happiness depends on temporal things then you are in big trouble. All the things listed can be taken away from you anytime and if you have nothing else that anchors you, you will sink for sure.

So yes, true happiness is found in the Lord. Find Him and if you already have, build a good relationship with Him. That way when all passes away, you will continue to live a happy life in Heaven also!

Love, Lady Mo ❤

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