God Laughs

Have you ever imagined how God’s laughter sounds like? Loud and booming? Earth-shaking? Gentle and sweet? Oh well, one day He will laugh with us in Heaven!

Psalm 2:4 describes a kind of laughter that emanates from God. It says, “But the one who rules in heaven laughs. The Lord scoffs at them”.

This is certainly no sweet laughter, it is not joyful either; it is a laughter of derision and scorn. That laughter which precedes a shellacking! If we back up a few verses we see what causes God to laugh in this manner. The rulers of the earth are busily planning rebellion against God, against His chosen, His anointed, His children and His church. As they take counsel with each other; as they devise schemes to destroy us, our God, our Father who sees and knows all things looks at them and bursts into laughter.

Now though this laughter does not bode well for the enemies of the Lord and His people, it should make us smile or also burst into laughter. Knowing that God sees all the enemy’s machinations to bring us bad tidings, to destroy us, to bring us to our knees and is laughing at them should make us walk around with some confidence.

Indeed no weapon fashioned against us will stand because well, He God created the blacksmith who forms these weapons of destruction, sickness, depression, frustrations, etc, etc! His creation cannot stand against Him or win against Him. Listen, the devil’s best strategies will fail as long as God is on His throne watching over us!

All his plans are before God from whom nothing is hidden. However long God chooses to indulge our enemies, they will certainly lose in the end. So let the enemy bring it on and do his best, we know that as long as we take refuge in God we are good and he plots in vain!

Whatever you are going through, I want to encourage you to keep hope alive, shoulders high and trust that God is fighting and will always fight for you! Victory is yours so walk, talk, act and live like a victor!!


Love, Lady Monica❤

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