Do Something, God.

How many times have we all thrown our hands up in frustration and asked God to do something about a bad situation? Whether it concerns people living in abject poverty, children dying of famine, children being abused, men and women being trafficked as sex slaves, people dying in the streets from the usage of illicit drugs, homeless people living just down the road in squalor, injustices, the list is endless.

There is a song by Matthew West called “Do Something”. In it, he says when he got so tired of all the craziness and wickedness around him and in the world, he too like us shook his fist at Heaven and asked: “God why don’t you do something?”. God responded and said, “yeah I did, I created you”. That line sure got my attention.

Several Bible verses refer to us believers as the body parts of Christ, who is the Head of the Church. This means we are His hands and feet, eyes and ears here on earth while He is in heaven. “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,…” Ephesians 2:10. Whatever change we want to see, we have the power to bring it about; we have the ability to help change the things we know are wrong.

After all, we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Salt and light bring change wherever they are or whenever they are applied. Maybe you think the issues are too big for you to tackle so you would rather not touch it. Well, unless someone does something, nothing will get done. We do not need to go far to bring change. Sometimes all we need is to bring some injustice to light and let those who are in a position to pass laws do their part. Other times, it starts with us making a donation, taking part in existing programs and projects to bring about some good.

Last weekend, my church joined an organization that feeds the homeless to do some street ministry. Our church is located in the heart of the city of Worcester and so we are around homeless people, drug addicts, poor people, etc. We wanted to do something about it so we partner with Net of Compassion to distribute clothes, cooked food, groceries to these folks as we pray and share the word of God with them. Last weekend we threw in manicures and roses for the women since it was mothers’ day.

We can all do something to help. So the next time you are tempted to shake your head and ask God to do something, remember He already did by creating you; the ball is in your court.


Love, Lady Mo❤

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