Again? Aarg!!

I make a mean chicken stew, if I say so myself. When I got home with the kids yesterday I ran upstairs to take care of a few things. When I came back down the older one had grabbed a pan ready to make noodles. I am not a fan of all that sodium so I said “nope, you are eating chicken stew.” They can only have noodles when I have not cooked; it is a gap-filling food in my home.

He grunted, harrumphed, groaned, stuck his neck out and said “we had some last week”. I retorted, “well, when it’s something you actually like, you eat it for days without a peep so…”. I get this all the time, usually it is “but we ate it yesterday, we want something else”.

The Israelites in the desert are occupying my mind this morning. Once the excitement of crossing the Red Sea died down, they realized their stomachs were grumbling. They in turn grumbled to Moses who turned to God who then rained down manna and quail for their consumption.

The first day they saw the miraculous food, their jubilation knew now bounds. After eating that for a long while, the food began to lose its novelty. They no longer smiled at the sight of the food and finally they spoke up. “But now our appetites are gone. All we ever see is this manna!” Numbers 11:6

Yes, they had more variety to eat in Egypt but it came at the cost of slavery and cruelty! The past was not that good. Sometimes we all get caught in the “same old, same old” mentality and we either long for change or long for the so called “good old days”. If we will be honest we will admit that the old days were not all that good.

We may not have what we want but God has promised to supply OUR NEEDS according to His endless and boundless resources in Heaven. That is a guarantee. The things we want are not always good for us but we can trust that what God gives to us is good. Be grateful that He provides your needs.

Love, Lady Monica ❤
PS: The kids ate the chicken stew.

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