No Sense

I struggle with the statement “that makes no sense”, when it comes from a kid, mine or someone else’s. Where I was brought up, you do not tell a grown up what he or she is saying does not make sense. Usually before I get my hackles up, my husband will remind me that when the kids say that in this society, they do not mean to be insulting. Hmm.

So it is hard for me to say the same thing, but sometimes God does not make sense. Most of the time. Phew I said it. When my faith is challenged or tested I like to seek inspiration from some Bible characters. I look at how they related and reacted to God during a faith crisis or when facing tough situations.

Abraham agreed to sacrifice his only son, through whom God had promised to make him father of many nations. The chief fisherman Peter agreed to follow directions on fishing from the carpenter. As ridiculous as it looked, Gideon went to war against an army that was as thick as locusts with camels as uncountable as the sand on the sea shore, with three hundred men.

The great prophet Elijah had to go plead with the poor widow at Zarephath for water then food or risk starving to death. Joshua had to believe that walking around impenetrable and insurmountable walls with a shout would bring those walls down.

All these were done at God’s direction. The common thread running through these stories is TRUST.

It is not always easy to trust or have faith and I do not believe it was easy of these people either. Still they trusted and God came through for them, some at the very last minute. One of the attributes of God is His unchangeability. He is still the same God then and now. These folks faced the same challenges we face; they were real people yet they chose to trust, when doubt seemed like a better option.

I will leave you with Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” Let us be a little bit more trusting of God each day.

Love, Lady Monica ❤

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