Unholy Trinity

“Anger is cruel, and wrath is like a flood, but jealousy is even more dangerous.”Proverbs 27:4

We all get angry at things or at people and it is o.k. It is an emotion which is unavoidable but the Bible admonishes us not to let anger control us, cause us to sin and not to let the sun go down on our anger. Anger, if not controlled can cause us to do cruel things, say things we cannot take back and damage important relationships.

Wrath is like the big brother of anger, defined as “strong vengeful anger or indignation”. It is much more worse than anger and like a flood it overwhelms, destructs, and can cause irreparable damage or costly repairs. Floods do subside and so wrath subsides after a time.

Now jealousy, the verse says is even more dangerous. Jealousy! we all feel it at some point in our lives. Maybe you felt a tinge of it when your friend got a bigger house, got married, got that promotion, had the cutest baby, got the job you wanted, etc. Some scripture versions put it this way, “but who can withstand jealousy” and “who can stand before jealousy”.

Unlike wrath and anger which can easily be seen by all, jealousy can fester within a person for a long time and eat away at a person if not dealt with. Jealousy can lead to bitterness and steal your joy. It prevents you from appreciating what you have as it puts the spotlight on what you do not have. King Saul’s jealousy of David led him on a murderous rampage several times.

There will always be someone who looks better than you, has something you do not have, doing things you cannot do, etc. It is pointless to spend your time stewing in jealousy over these. Indeed Galatians 5:19-21 lists these three as works of the flesh. We need the Holy Spirit to help us overcome such works! The next time a wave of jealousy comes over you, ask God to help you push it away. Do not dwell on it, nurture it or allow it to grow! Jealousy will destroy you and others!

Love, Lady Monica

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