Those Little Foxes

Songs of Solomon 2 paints a picture of lovers expressing their deep feelings of love and admiration for each other. Then in verse 15, we read “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”

I found out in my readings that little foxes are very common in Palestine and they particularly like grapes. They burrow in holes in hedges around gardens and if not strictly watched, they can destroy whole vineyards! Little yet powerful!

If we look closely at our lives we will all find some little foxes that hinder our fruitfulness; ruin our relationships and friendships; cause people to back away from us; lead to doors closing to us, etc. These are the stuff we do not pay much attention to, or think are harmless but they speak volumes about who we are, our character and even our values.

These little foxes could be our attitudes, how we talk, how we treat people, etc. These are seemingly insignificant things that cause disproportionate damage! Like the Bible says, a little sleep and a little slumber can lead to much poverty. The tongue is little in proportion to other body parts but it is likened to a spark that can set a whole forest on fire; and let us not forget that little dead fly that can contaminate a whole bottle of perfume! ( Eccl. 10:1).

Of course the little foxes grow into big foxes and if we do not consciously check these things they will grow into bigger things and destroy us. A little lie can lead to a bigger lie; a little jealousy can lead to deadly jealousy; a little swear can lead to a potty mouth; a little selfishness will lead to your being alone and lonely; a little anger problem can land you in serious trouble; one glass of liquor can lead to one becoming a drunkard!. The list is endless and I will let you supply the rest.

I want to encourage you to consciously search for your little foxes and destroy them before they destroy you. A little crack in a dam if not checked will lead to a devastating flood.

Love, Lady Monica ❤.

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