The Pillow

The Pillow

I am tired of my pillows! They are not being as supportive as I expect and I think it is time to toss them all out and get new ones. So I have been researching into the best pillows out there and some cost a pretty penny! Hopefully I will find some good ones soon. I am open to suggestions though. 😊 Another pillow is on my mind today. It did not have memory foam, down fill, fiber fill, polyester or feather. In fact it was not a pillow at all within any stretch of the imagination. It was just a stone. A hard, oddly shaped stone but that was the closest thing Jacob could find to a pillow. On the run from his brother Esau, weary, despondent and perhaps wondering if all he did was worth it, his eyes starting drooping. It was nighttime and sleep was creeping up on him. He had to find something to lay his head on. He found a stone. It was not ideal, it was not one hundred percent, it was not foolproof but he hoped that somehow it would suffice. Maybe all you have right now is a stone pillow, a glimmer of hope especially in this season of COVID-19. Maybe you are facing other challenges in your life and your faith is being tested. Maybe you are laying on a stone pillow right now and hoping that you will still see the glory of God; hoping that God will somehow cushion the hardness. I want to encourage you to continue to keep hope alive. Yes, God’s light can and will pierce through your darkness! He shows up in the most imperfect circumstances. For “As he [Jacob] slept, [on the stone pillow] he dreamed of a stairway that reached from the earth up to heaven. And he saw the angels of God going up and down the stairway.” Genesis 28:12. Then God spoke and made Jacob some magnificent promises! I bet that was the last thing Jacob expected under all the circumstances. I pray that God will come through for you and I in unexpected ways especially in this year. Keep hope alive!!


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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