The Jar of Oil

When the prophet’s widow approached Elisha in 2 Kings 4 to ask for help to pay off her late husband’s debts so her sons are not taken into slavery, what do you think she expected Elisha to do? She probably expected Elisha to perform some miracle to help her out, but she did not expect the source of the miracle to be in her house. When Elisha asked what she had, her answer was I have nothing in the house but a jar of oil. To her a jar of oil was worthless, what could it do except be used to cook some food?

She could not see in that jar of oil the wealth to pay off her debt and more. It was devalued in her eyes, but in the hands of God, that lonely jar of oil was liquid gold.

How often do we devalue what we have? How often do we wish we had what another person has because we think it is more valuable? Let us begin to look again at what we have, take pleasure in it and surrender it to God asking Him to bless it, multiply it so we can be a blessing to others and to ourselves.

Ask yourself these questions today: what do I have in my house? In me? In my hand? What gift? what talent? what ability? what kind of job? what kind of child?. That single jar of oil was just a seed and when God spoke over it through Elisha, it grew and it multiplied and it blessed. I challenge today to locate the jar of oil in your house and in your life and surrender it to God and watch Him do wonders with it.


Lady Monica 😍

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