The Capernaum Four

Mark 2:1-12 recounts a fascinating story of the healing of a paralyzed man. The highlight of that story for me is not the healing itself which was nothing new to Jesus’ ministry, but those four friends who brought him to be healed.

We are told the house where Jesus was staying was packed to capacity and overflowing to the outside. These four had such great empathy for their friend that they decided to seek his healing. They heard the news of Jesus’ location pretty late. When they arrived with their friend the crowd was so thick, they could not even locate the door.

Oh well, they would have to try another day then. Nope, after they poked around the crowd and found no opening to get to Jesus they devised a plan B. They would climb up the roof of the house, locate exactly where Jesus was, dig a hole right above the spot and lower their friend in front of Jesus.

There were many issues with this plan. First it was somebody’s house, they would be committing a crime by deliberately causing damage to it, they could fall through the roof, the owner will not be pleased with such an affront or cheekiness. Well, to them they had no other options. Getting their friend to Jesus trumped everything else! With shameless audacity they executed their plan and received the answer they wanted, their friend’s healing.

May we all have friends like that but most importantly may we all faith like that. Faith that perseveres in the face of grave and real challenges; faith that does not quit when we are faced with obstacles; faith that gives no room for excuses; faith that prevails against all odds. Without stubborn determination we will not realize some of our dreams.

These four had every reason to abandon their mission but stayed the course till they succeeded.
In you are about to give up because you cannot go through the door, look up first. Pray without ceasing; keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking. If you cannot go through the door go through the roof.

Love, Lady Mo❤

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