Yesterday there was a very open and lively conversation on our church’s Singles WhatsApp group page. We have instituted “Question of the Day” which allows the group’s coordinator to pose a question twice a week to keep the group popping among other things. Today’s was about the fruit of the spirit and she asked every one to name which part of the fruit they struggled with. People really let it rip, no shame, no pretense, no sugarcoating. Not only did they mention what they struggled with but they detailed these struggles with frankness.

Then they started giving each other tips and bible verses to deal with these problems. They shared what they had done to handle the same or similar issues; and how they were determined not to fall back though it could be tough at times. They encouraged each other to keep fighting the good fight and to stay on track. No one came out to condemn anyone and at the end of the conversations you could feel a sense of liberation. Liberation that comes from knowing your sister or brother in Christ has struggles too and they are willing to freely talk about them and offer to help as they seek help too. Some have even agreed to call each other off the platform and keep the conversation going. Indeed iron sharpens iron and there is strength in numbers; together they can win these battles easily.

That is what this journey of faith is all about. Yes, it is a race but it is not really about finishing first as it is about finishing well. God has enough golden crowns for all of us. So as Paul said “… let us consider [thoughtfully] how we may encourage one another to love and to do good deeds,” Heb. 10:24. Let us spur each other on, give a helping hand, slow down and let a sister catch up. As you fight for your own salvation with fear and trembling, spare more than a thought for your fellow believer who may need a boost to keep going.

We are all in this together!

Love, Lady Monica.

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