Still The Same

There is famine in Bethlehem, family Elimelek made up of father Elimelek, mother Naomi and two sons Mahlon and Kilion relocate to the land of Moab to seek greener pastures. Soon Elimelek dies, later their sons who have taken Moabites women as wives die also. About ten years after they move Naomi becomes a widow saddled with two daughters-in-law widows! That certainly was not part of the plan when she followed her husband out of Bethlehem.

News reach her that God has come through and the famine in Bethlehem is over. Naomi figures it is the right to to return home and prepares to go with the two women. She is bitter, angry, pained and confused about how her life has turned out. She left Bethlehem with joy, hope, a full family and is now returning with two foreign women who have become her family by marriage.

She has second thoughts about taking the women, Ruth and Orpah with her and encourages them to go back to their families. When they insist on going with her she stands her ground saying she has nothing to offer them and that “…It is more bitter for me than for you, because the Lord’s hand has turned against me!”Ruth 1:13 NIV

Ruth sticks to her guns and follows Naomi home. Naomi is surprised by the warm welcome she receives in Bethlehem. As she mentors and directs Ruth, as she watches Ruth blossom and sees how God takes care of them through the generosity of Boaz, Naomi concludes that God has not stopped showing kindness (v.20). What a transformation! She starts out bitter because of the misfortunes she has suffered thinking the Lord has turned against her and now realizes that God is still the same kind God she has always known!

I encourage you today not to doubt God’s love for you and kindness towards you because of your not-so-pleasant current circumstances, or because of some past happenings. Though things may not be the way you expect God has not changed. Instead of moving away from Him, staying aloof and being angry at Him, draw closer to Him trusting that He is still with you. He will see you through or take you around every difficult situation. He will bring you relief one way or another, all in due course.


Love, Lady Monica❤

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