Be Calm

My daughter Faith will be five in July. She claims she a baby, a toddler and a grown up. She chooses which to be depending on what she wants and her mood. At night when I take her to her room to sleep, she likes to jump into my arms and stay there for a few minutes. Though I am usually in a hurry to just tuck her in, say a prayer and move on to the next thing, she forces me to sit on her couch and hold her as she closes her eyes and just savors those few minutes. Those moments are so precious to her that I have learnt to just let her have her five minutes in my arms.

David realized the importance of just placing himself in God’s arms instead of splashing around trying to understand things and figuring them out. He started Psalm 131 by saying he did not want to concern himself with things he could not understand. He continued “But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.” Psalm 131:2

He realized the futility of going around in circles and tying himself into knots over matters he could not change, things he could not understand, issues making him worried and anxious! He refused to be burdened by these and decided to just lay in God’s arms as if he had no care in the world.

David had real issues and so do we. It will be foolish to deny we have issues with our marriages or lack of marriages, failure to give birth, failure to get a job or move to our dream jobs, difficult children, crappy finances, our health, etc, etc. It is also unwise to get worked up over these to the point of sickness, depression, anger or disillusionment. Let us learn to pray about these, do our part to fix them but most importantly learn to trust that God has our back and will work it all out somehow. Before you get to your breaking point, calm yourself down, jump into God arms like a little child. Let go of the battle and find peace, hope and love in His arms.


Love, Lady Monica❤

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