No Glamour

The last time I was on the tracks doing my hybrid walk/jog exercise routine, I passed by a woman a number of times.
She was nicely dressed, hair brushed beautifully and man, she smelled so, so good. I thought to myself, why would she come walking, showered, dressed nicely and perfumed? On the contrary, I had corn rows, crowned with a headband, gym clothes and after a few rounds my sneakers (husband’s which I borrowed🤪) and the hem of pants were so dusty.
The woman got me thinking about Christ, His journey to the cross and His ultimate death. There was no glamour there. The journey to the cross ( the Via Dolorosa) involved beatings, spit, torn flesh, blood, bitter water, a thorny crown, nakedness, heavy pieces of wood, menacing looking nails, dirt, unimaginable pain! All that to buy our pardon!
Yet, when we come before His presence to worship, we do not always go all out for Him. We do not want to lift our hands to Him because it looks weird; we do not want to shout His praises because it is disorderly. Sometimes we resist the urge to dance before Him because the sweat might mess up the make-up; it will mess with our swag or our reputation! We would prefer to worship “in style” so that we can leave, as well put together as we were when we came in! Really?
When King David’s wife reprimanded him for dancing with careless abandon, “shamelessly exposing himself”, David retorted “I was dancing before the Lord who chose me above your father…” 2 Samuel 6:21.
The next time, you go before the Lord, remember how He chose you, the price He paid for your redemption and loosen up a bit. The price tag on your suit, shoes, accessories, swag and your pride is nothing compared to what He did for you and I. Let us not allow anything come between us and our worship.
Love, Lady Monica! ❤

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