Morning Has Broken

Good morning!! And good afternoon. And good evening too. What is so good about the morning? You are alive and that is a good thing.

I know we do not always wake up in good spirits. In fact some of you woke up this morning with aches and pains; some woke up depressed and not wanting to get out of bed; some of you woke up worrying, groaning, crying, even wondering why you woke up. Some of you also woke up grateful to be alive in spite of your not-so-great circumstances.

The Lord who woke you up this morning has a good reason and a purpose for doing so. He made a choice to allow you to wake up and that means something. It means He is not finished with you, it means He has something good in store for you, it means you still have a purpose to fulfill in this life. You have some children to mother now and in the future, you have a job to do that impacts people, it means somebody’s destiny depends on you, it means you have not fulfilled your mandate to subdue your portion of the earth yet.

Acts 13:36 says “Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.”

So, you are up this morning because you have not yet fulfilled God’s purpose in your generation! Therefore inspite of what you are feeling inside, inspite of the depressive spirit that is threatening to overwhelm you, inspite of the infirmities in your body, note that God still has something for you to accomplish. Ask God: “Father, morning has broken. What would you have me do today?”.

Be happy to be alive one more day for as long as there’s life, there is hope for a better tomorrow. Be encouraged!!


Lady Monica

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