Keep Some!

Have you ever met a stranger who just opened up and told you his/her whole life story in a few minutes, holding nothing back? Or maybe it is a friend who just does not know how to keep some things to him/herself. Or maybe that person is you!!
1 Samuel 9 and 10 chronicle how Saul is chosen and anointed as the first king of Israel. He is sent out on a mundane mission to find his father’s missing donkeys, in the company of a servant. Having trekked through a few towns and not finding the donkeys, he decides to abandon the search. At the urging of his servant, Saul agrees to go consult the Prophet Samuel on the whereabouts of the missing animals.
Little did Saul know he is destined to meet the man of God on that specific day for him to anoint Saul as king. So Saul is anointed, the Spirit of the Lord comes upon him, he prophesies and then returns home to wait for Samuel as per his instructions.
Saul’s uncle then approaches him to ask where he went. Saul replies that he went to search for the donkeys and when he could not find them, they went to see the prophet. Uncle’s curiosity is then piqued and asks Saul to tell him what Samuel said to him. “Saul replied, “He assured us that the donkeys had been found.” But he did not tell his uncle what Samuel had said about the kingship. 1 Samuel 10:16
Right there Saul exhibits a mark of a good leader: he knows when to speak and when not to; what to say at what time and what to keep to himself.
We do not know why Saul chose to keep that part about his anointing to himself. Perhaps he was still absorbing or processing the whole incident; maybe he knew the time was not yet or wanted to allow Samuel to make the announcement; or he thought some might not be too happy about the choice for king and scheme to take him out before he was officially installed; or it stemmed from a humble spirit. Whatever the reason it seemed prudent that he kept that information close to his chest.
Mary, the mother of Jesus also knew how to keep things in herself and ponder over them. Luke 2:19, 51. She did not even discuss these with her husband Joseph.
Not everything you hear or know about your life is for sharing. Not everyone who smiles with you is on your side and wants you to succeed. Some things are meant to be kept in your heart, pondered over and prayed about. Not everything you have or have accomplished must make its way onto Social Media pages. That is not always wise. You might expose yourself and others in ways you never intended.
May God give us all wisdom to know what to share and what to keep and most importantly with whom to share our innermost thoughts, successes, good news, and even our doubts and confusion. Saul held back from his uncle, not a stranger. A word to the wise…! Blessings.
Love, Lady Monica.❤

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